Anna McNerney Kizirian
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Anna McNerney Kizirian
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Anna Kizirian McNerney

Starting a school and running it is a highly complex and unique operation, which needs special attention and care. Experienced advisors are necessary to reach the full potential that the school can achieve. Advisors that can bring out the best of the organization.

I, Anna Kizirian, not only have experience in running schools, but also in setting them up, managing them, ordering resources, etc. In order for a newly started or an already running school to reach its maximum potential, an advisor with experience and understanding of all levels of education is needed. I can provide this experience and understanding.

I offer a highly developed understanding of the educational sector and its growth on all levels. I intend on being a trusted and informative advisor who not only will guide you along all obstacles that can be faced while starting or running a school, but also as committed to your future as you are.

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