Anna McNerney Kizirian
Educational Consultant
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Anna McNerney Kizirian
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Teaching vs. Consulting

Having taught at schools and consulted other schools as well, I know that there is a fine line dividing teaching and consulting. Having credentials and experience in both of these professions, is a great asset and can be used to everyone’s advantage. It creates a deeper understanding for the educational sector and problems that may be faced and overcome.

A consultant makes discoveries possible whereas a teacher distributes information. Being able to make a flawless transition from one to the other, makes the ideal educational consultant.  Having experience and understanding of both professions creates this flawless transition.

Yet knowledge and experience is only the beginning of what makes up an ideal educational consultant. Respect to a culture, focusing on main issues, and understanding the multiple roles of a consultant, also play a vital role.

However, the most imperative aspect of having been a consultant as well as a teacher, is that one understands that there are different needs to different organizations in the educational sector. I aim to adapt to whatever your needs are, because I, throughout my whole career, also had to face various problems that required varying skills. I have been there, and want to be there for you, caring about your future as much as you do.

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